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Public Safety & Homeland Security

More on Public Safety & Homeland Security

February 16, 2018 Press Release
“We need to recognize that there is nothing normal about American’s gun violence crisis,” said Courtney. “When it comes to global statistics, no other developed country even comes close to equaling the United States in terms of raw gun deaths and shooting rampages – the U.S. stands alone."
October 3, 2017 Press Release
Courtney and Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson (R-PA-5) introduced the Fire Police Fairness Act, bipartisan legislation that would extend public safety officer death benefits to fire police. Fire police officers provide unique and varying emergency response services in several states, including Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Because there is no uniform national designation for fire police, many of these public servants face additional hurdles in accessing benefits that other public safety officers receive.
August 31, 2017 Press Release
“This grant funding is great news for the New London Fire Department,” said Courtney. “Not only does the New London Fire Department oversee one of the most densely populated municipalities in eastern Connecticut, it also supports the operations of departments in other local communities across our region through mutual-aid. They are also responsible for protecting a large stock of older homes and buildings that necessitate a larger and better-equipped force than departments serving other communities. I commend Mayor Michael Passero and Fire Chief Henry Kydd, Jr. for working closely with my office during the grant application process. Their support was critical in helping to secure this award.”
August 9, 2017 Press Release
“Despite President Trump’s insistence that he is taking action against the rising tide of opioid addiction, all of his activates thus far have shown exactly the opposite - that he is not doing enough,” said Courtney. “Last week, his own commission recommended he declare the growing prescription opioid and heroin epidemic a national emergency. Yesterday, he declined to take any new actions or allocate any new funding. The national death toll is growing by the day and President Trump essentially told the commission to take a walk. I have spent a great deal of time meeting with families and first responders over the last two-years to learn more about this crisis and the message from them could not be clearer. They need new resources and more funding to fight back and save lives – it is that simple. There is not enough money either for law enforcement activities or for treatment beds. We need to end the stigma against drug addiction and start treating this epidemic like the public health emergency it is.”
July 11, 2017 Press Release
“We are alarmed by recent media reports that your Department chose to deny visas to six Afghan girls traveling to the United States for FIRST Global, an international robotics challenge to be held in Washington,” wrote the members. “Barring these hardworking, creative young women from a competition premised on global connection and innovation runs counter to the State Department’s mission of fostering security and stability through peace. The work of diplomacy is not limited to embassies and consulates; the United States engages with individuals abroad precisely because these individual relationships are the key to stability and development. Indeed, as the world’s leader of scientific innovation and research, inviting the world’s best and brightest to support our research efforts enhances our ability to expand knowledge in all fields, whether robotics or medicine, art or engineering, mathematics or history. In particular, supporting women’s education initiatives has been a vital component of our diplomacy and has been proven to enhance stability and speed development more than almost any policy focus."
June 30, 2017 Press Release
“These critical federal dollars will help update, improve, and protect housing for Connecticut families, children, and seniors—making countless homes more modern, safe, and healthy places to live and grow. From repairs and renovations to detecting lead hazards, the grants announced today will make a longstanding, positive impact in neighborhoods from Bridgeport to Brooklyn. We applaud HUD for their continued investment in our communities and will continue to fight to protect and preserve this funding from any ruthless cuts for years to come,” said the delegation.
March 7, 2017 Press Release
“Making deep cuts to the Coast Guard, FEMA, and TSA in the name of a new national security initiative is totally out of touch with the work that the Department of Homeland Security performs,” said Courtney. “The budget shared by OMB, which explicitly targets the Coast Guard, TSA and FEMA, will weaken security and undermine all of the progress that was made over the last 4-years to recapitalize Coast Guard cutters, rescue boats, and icebreakers. I will join my colleagues from both sides of the aisle on the Coast Guard caucus to stop this destructive plan from ever being implemented.”
March 6, 2017 Press Release
“Our moderate allies from Muslim-majority nations have repeatedly warned President Trump that these rash orders damage our standing to lead the anti-ISIS collation and other counter-terrorism activities around the globe,” said Courtney. “Whatever advantage the Trump administration thinks they have gained with tweaking the prior order is not going to change the backlash we will inevitably experience overseas.”
January 29, 2017 Press Release
“President Trump’s new executive order freezing refugee arrivals and entry of all people from a number of predominately Muslim countries, including law permanent residents of the United States traveling abroad, will boomerang against us both morally and practically,” said Courtney. “The new President signed the order on Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day when we reflect in part on how our country failed to protect Jewish refugees from Nazi atrocities during World War II. This is not who we are as Americans: we do not discriminate against any religion, and we do not shut our doors to suffering people seeking a better life."
January 10, 2017 Press Release
“Today’s action by OSHA sends a clear signal to the 15 million people working in the health care sector that the federal government is focused on providing a safe and secure workplace for them,” said Courtney. “We have known for some time that our health care workers face unique challenges and risks to their personal safety, and I urge the incoming administration to continue to press for stronger protections and safety standards for this sector.”