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Rep. Courtney Statement on Resolution Authorizing Next Steps for Impeachment Inquiry

October 31, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-02), voted in favor of a resolution which outlines the process by which House Committees will continue their inquiry into possible impeachable offenses by President Trump. The resolution outlines procedures for public hearings, allowing both Republicans and Democrats to bring forth witnesses or issue subpoenas, and authorizing committees of jurisdiction to make deposition transcripts publicly available. 

“The House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight Committees have conducted a thorough investigation that has followed the House’s rules, and has provided committee Members on both sides of the aisle with ample opportunities to participate, ask questions, and glean information,” said Congressman Courtney. “What this investigation has uncovered so far about the actions of the President and his administration clearly requires further scrutiny and investigation. Like so many in this chamber, I did not come to Congress to pursue impeachment of the President – but we must follow the facts wherever they may lead in defense of our Constitution.

“It should be noted that this is still an inquiry process – no formal articles of impeachment have been drafted by the committees, and none are being voted on this week. The American people have a right to the information gathered during the inquiry process as it progresses, and I voted today to formalize the impeachment inquiry process now that the investigating committees are preparing to move from bipartisan depositions into a more public phase. This measure will move this process into the next phase with clear, fair procedures for both parties, public disclosure of depositions and evidence, and due process for the President – following the precedent of and even strengthening the protections for the president seen in modern impeachment proceedings. As we move forward with this solemn constitutional responsibility, I will remain committed to and focused on the larger body of work that Congress was sent here to do – from supporting our seniors and veterans, to lowering the cost of health care and post-secondary education, and more.” 

The measure passed in the House today authorizes a public and transparent process consistent with prior precedent. The resolution: 

  • Directs the Judiciary Committee to provide procedural protections based on the protections provided for Presidents Nixon and Clinton during their respective inquiries. For example, the President’s counsel will receive copies of any statements of information and related documents and other evidentiary material (including staff reports) furnished to the Members of the Judiciary Committee, may attend the presentation of evidence by Majority and Minority committee counsel and the President’s counsel may ask questions during the presentation, and may respond to the presentation of evidence, another other things. 
  • Permits the Minority to issue subpoenas with the concurrence of the Chair or authorized by a Committee vote.  
  • Authorizes the Intelligence Committee Chairman to make transcripts of depositions publicly available 
  • Authorizes the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee to hold open hearings, and allows both the Majority and Minority side to question witnesses for equal amounts of time.