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Rep. Courtney, House Education & Labor Committee Vote to Approve Bipartisan Bill Reauthorizing the Older Americans Act

September 18, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, the Committee on Education and Labor approved the Dignity in Aging Act (H.R. 4334), a bipartisan proposal to reauthorize the Older Americans Act (OAA). H.R. 4334 increases funding for vital programs that help aging Americans live independently and with dignity.

“Eastern Connecticut is home to a large number of seniors, and nationwide the population of Americans aged 60 and over is growing,” said Congressman Courtney. “As more of our friends and neighbors come to rely on programs that support aging Americans, we need to make sure that funding for OAA keeps pace. Our bipartisan reauthorization bill takes major steps to do so, authorizing substantial funding increases for OAA programs that provide support to aging Americans from all walks of life – from seniors who require help accessing nutrition, to grandparents helping to raise their grandchildren. I’m proud that our committee worked on a bipartisan basis to advance this important reauthorization bill, and look forward to helping pass the final bill in the full House of Representatives.”

The OAA originally passed in 1965, and is the primary legislation that covers social and nutrition services for older Americans and their caregivers. The Dignity in Aging Act responds to the challenges facing a growing generation of aging Americans by providing a 35 percent total increase in program funding for OAA over five years.

The Dignity in Aging Act responds to the challenges facing a growing generation of aging Americans. The bill:

• Authorizes a 7 percent funding increase for OAA programs in the first year, then annual 6 percent increases in the following years;

• Establishes a National Research, Demonstration, and Evaluation Center for the Aging Network in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of HHS;

• Creates an initiative to coordinate federal resources to promote the independence and safety of adults living at home as they age;

• Provides more tailored support to family caregivers who play a vital role in helping aging Americans maintain their independence; and

• Puts a stronger focus on addressing social isolation among seniors by empowering local organizations to test local solutions.

The Dignity in Aging Act fact sheet is available here.