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FY2022 Community Project Funding Request Disclosure

Rep. Courtney has submitted funding requests for important community projects in Connecticut’s Second District to the House Appropriations Committee.  

Under guidelines issued by the Appropriations Committee, each Representative may request funding for up to 10 projects in their community for fiscal year 2022 – although only a handful may actually be funded. Projects are restricted to a limited number of federal funding streams, and only state and local governments and eligible non-profit entities are permitted to receive funding. Additional information on the reforms governing Community Project Funding is available here. 

In compliance with House Rules and Committee requirements, Rep. Courtney has certified that he his spouse, and his immediate family have no financial interest in any of the projects she has requested.

Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

Project Name: Purchase of Fluoroscopy Equipment 
Requested Amount: $540,000 
Intended Recipient: Day Kimball Hospital; Putnam, CT 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: Funding would be used to purchase and install an NW XP Agile Max for purposes of performing fluoroscopy procedures that the hospital currently does not have the capability to perform and to improve patient and staff safetyFunded equipment would improve health services in the northeastern section of Connecticut. 
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here. 

Project Name: Career Pathways Program 
Requested Amount: $140,000 
Intended Recipient: Groton Public Schools; Groton, CT 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: This project envisions a new Career Pathways Program to connect students to careers in local in-demand industries. The funding would be used to hire a part-time career counselor, fund a summer teacher externship program to improve CTE professional development, a summer student internship program, redesign 2000 sq ft of CTE classroom space, and produce new marketing materials for the revitalized Career Pathways Program. 
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here.

Project Name: Digital Innovation Hub for Educational Excellence 
Requested Amount: $555,000 
Intended Recipient: Mitchell College; New London, CT 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: This program envisions a new Digital Innovation Hub at Mitchell College to provide new credentialing and coursework in STEM and behavioral health careers for traditional and non-traditional students. The funding would be used to purchase equipment and hire one staff member. Equipment would support in-person and virtual learning as well as STEM education. The additional personnel would partner with college officials and professional organizations to develop new programming. 
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here. 

Project Name: Recovery Coaches 
Requested Amount: $120,000 
Intended Recipient: Reliance Health 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: The funding would be used to hire two additional recovery coaches serving the New London County region. Recovery coaches work with people with Substance Use Disorder to plant a seed of hope that recovery is possible, empower the person to engage in their own recovery plan, shorten time connecting individuals to treatment, increase access to basic needs, and lengthen amount of time the person sustains recovery. 
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here.

Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies

Project Name: Emergency Dispatch Center Upgrades 
Requested Amount: $700,000 
Intended Recipient: Norwich Police Department; Norwich, CT 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: Funding is requested to purchase a new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) to replace the 18 year old existing CAD/RMS. This has been identified as a community need by both the Norwich Police Department and the Norwich Fire Service and will enable the Department to use the statewide Enhanced 911 call system to better target dispatching in emergencies.  
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here.

Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies 

Project Name: Crumbling Foundations Remediation and Restoration 
Requested Amount: $2 million 
Intended Recipient: Capitol Region Council of Governments 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: Requesting $2,000,000 to provide assistance to homeowners and condominium owners impacted by crumbling concrete foundations due to the mineral pyrrhotite. This project would provide the Capitol Region Council of Governments in collaboration with the Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments with funds to help administer a pyrrhotite remediation program for constituents in the impacted towns.  
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here

Project Name: Hockanum Mill Roof Replacement and Hazardous Material Removal
Requested Amount: $792,000 
Intended Recipient: New England Motorcycle Museum 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: The New England Motorcycle Museum is housed within the historic Hockanum Mill. The former textile mill, comprised of 10 buildings, was first constructed in 1814. Neglect and natural elements have led to the serious degradation of all ten buildings resulting in blighted property that imposes a significant public safety concern for the surrounding community. The requested funds will allow for the breached roofs to be repaired and stabilize the remaining infrastructure, which is critical to the preservation of these historic buildings. We are requesting $792,000 for the construction work on these essential repairs. 
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here.

Project Name: Town Hall Renovations 
Requested Amount: $700,000 
Intended Recipient: Town of Scotland, CT 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: This funding would support the renovation of a 127 year old historic building that serves as the town hall in Scotland, CT. This building has fallen out of compliance with building, fire, and accessibility codes. The renovation would improve the services offered to the people of Scotland, improve safety and accessibility, and avoid the need for more costly construction of a new town hall. 
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here.

Project Name: Enfield Rail Station Public Facilities Roadway Access, Sidewalks, and Parking Lot Improvements 
Requested Amount: $2,500,000 
Intended Recipient: Connecticut Department of Transportation 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: This funding will support the Enfield Rail Station, which will be a new stop along the successful CTrail Hartford Line. The proposed funds will provide the station with dedicated commuter parking areas separate from the surroundings, a roundabout to provide a necessary turn around to allow commuters’ station access, and sidewalks will be added along Commerce Street and will be replaced on Main Street to complete pedestrian access to the station and tie the station to the immediate community. Pavement on both Commerce Street and Main Street will also be upgraded to complete this work. This project will contribute to Transit Oriented Development and economic revitalization in the Thompsonville section of Enfield, CT and will contribute to the overall Rail Station project, which will increase ridership on the Hartford Line and provide access to jobs throughout the region.
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here.

Project Name: Water Safety and Quality Infrastructure Improvement, Stonington, CT, District 2 
Requested Amount: $1,952,130 
Intended Recipient: Town of Stonington 
Explanation and Purpose of Request: The funding would be used for new water main construction, as well as cleaning and lining the water mains and creating a connection so there are no longer ‘dead ends’ in the system. This is new water main construction for public safety, but also has positive economic development impacts. The project also provides for long-term climate change and sea level rise resilience and will help ensure proper levels of sodium in the water.
Financial Disclosure Letter: Click here.