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Courtney Implores Republican Majority: "It Is Not Too Late To Stop This Rush To Judgment On Healthcare Law"

March 21, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Yesterday, Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-02) spoke on the House floor to voice serious concerns about the American Health Care Act which the chamber is expected to vote on this Thursday:


Click here to watch the full speech


“When you look at what the stakeholders who deliver healthcare in America have been saying, the American Nurses Association, the American Hospital Association, the AARP, and the American Medical Association, who have looked at this bill over the last two weeks - they have universally pleaded with the Congress to block this measure – to slow down the rush to judgement which is going to deprive people of one of the most elemental basic needs that all of us share,” said Courtney. “We are not immortal – we are not immune to getting illness and disease – it is something that affects every single American, and to pass a bill which will wreak this kind of havoc is irresponsible and takes this country in the absolute wrong direction. 

“I would plead with my members and I would ask anybody watching this speech – go to the Kaiser Foundation website – find where you live and think about your uncle, or your children, or people you know in your neighborhood, and plug in that information and think about what we are being told is in fact a wonderful healthcare bill and something that won’t hurt people and won’t make them worse off financially – and the opposite is true.

“CBO is telling us this, the doctors are telling us this, the nurses are telling us this, the hospitals are telling us this, and those who advocate for older Americans are telling us this. It is not too late. It is time to listen to the people who are closest to the system and stop this rush to harming millions of Americans.”        

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently published an interactive map that shows a county-by-county impact of the Republican healthcare plan on Americans’ premium assistance. Middle-income seniors in New London, Windham, Tolland, and Middlesex counties stand to lose thousands of dollars towards their health insurance premiums if the American Health Care Act becomes law.

Those over 50 years old in these counties will all see a decrease in premium assistance of at least 45% ($3,230/yr.) if their income is $50,000, and as high as 67% if their income is $30,000 ($5,850/yr.).