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January 6, 2016 Press Release
“The approval of the acquisition decision memo for the Ohio Replacement is another powerful affirmation that our nation is committed to building this essential component of our national defense,” said Courtney. “This step, along with the pending release of the development request for procurement of the submarine, are among the critical milestones that we will see this year and a reminder that Congress must do all it can now to ensure the success of the program in the future. I look forward to continuing to work on a bipartisan basis to provide the tools and support the Navy and industry needs to meet this national responsibility in the most efficient and cost-effective way.”
January 5, 2016 In The News
GROTON — Close to 600 Electric Boat employees are now working at the company's new facility at 9 Kings Highway, purchased from Pfizer for $5.3 million last year to accommodate growth at the company.
December 18, 2015 Press Release
“I am pleased that after a great deal of negotiating over the past few months, Congress was able to reach a fair,bipartisan compromise to fund the government,” said Courtney. “While this agreement is not perfect, it does contain a number of important provisions that I have stronglyadvocatedfor,including a delay of the Cadillac Tax, as well as funding for job training, healthcare research, and Connecticut’s defense manufacturing sector which helps drive our economy. To be sure, there were provisions in this bill that I would have removed, but on the whole I amglad to see that both sides of the aisle unite todo the right thing for the country. This is how Congress is supposed to function.”
December 3, 2015 Press Release
“The important highway funding measure guarantees funding for five years, and finally moves us away from repeated short term extensions that continually kicked our national infrastructure needs down the road,” Representative Courtney said. “I strongly supported this funding bill as a first step, but our urgent national needs to rebuild our crumbling system of roads and bridges outstrips even the amount funded in this bill. We must continue to push for an adequately robust funding level that meets our infrastructure needs and provides a catalyst for jobs and economic growth.”
November 23, 2015 Press Release
“Each day, more than 12,500 bulk milk trucks pick up milk at farms across the country and move it to over 2,000 processing plants. The transportation of milk is an issue that affects businesses and consumers in every region and in every state,” the representatives wrote. “We urge you to support language that was included in the House-passed version of H.R. 22, the Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy (DRIVE) Act, that would classify milk as a non-divisible load. This provision would allow states to issue special permits to bulk milk trucks, giving them more flexibility to ensure that milk is delivered in a timely manner and in compliance with federal and state food safety and security standards.”
November 6, 2015 Press Release
"The completion of the merger between Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin is great news for Connecticut, and bodes well for a stable future for Sikorsky and its workforce. Lockheed is well-suited to guide Sikorsky—our nation's top helicopter maker—forward to build on Connecticut's legacy of innovation and excellence in aerospace. I am confident that under the leadership of Lockheed Martin, Sikorsky's workers will continue their stellar record of producing the highly advanced helicopter fleet our service members rely on," Courtney said.
November 5, 2015 Press Release
“While completing the NDAA took a little more effort this year, I am proud to have played a key role in getting this important measure across the finish line. The agreement passed today is a strong statement of support for Connecticut’s submarine industrial base, anchored by the men and women of Electric Boat, as well as our aerospace industry. The revised NDAA maintains all of the priorities that are critical to our state, and invests wisely in long-term national security priorities, as well as in our military families. As the House Armed Services Committee continues to grapple with a difficult budget climate in the years ahead, I am pleased that the Congressional Budget Office has identified the National Sea-Based Deterrence Fund as a mechanism to realize billions in savings as we move forward with the effort to recapitalize our SSBN fleet,” Courtney said.
November 2, 2015 Press Release
"USDA Rural Development provides small towns in our region with access to low-cost loans and grant funding to support critical infrastructure projects that are vital to economic growth. I congratulate First Selectwoman Nicholson on this significant victory for Pomfret, and I will continue to work in Washington to maintain access to Rural Development funds for eastern Connecticut towns," Courtney said.
October 30, 2015 Press Release
“The annual Aerospace and Defense International Trade Summit provides Connecticut suppliers with a unique opportunity to meet with international prime contractors and government officials right here in Mystic. Eastern Connecticut’s defense sector is a cornerstone of our economy, encompassing hundreds of companies throughout the state in the submarine supply chain. I encourage Connecticut companies to take advantage of this chance to increase exports and develop relationships with major defense and aerospace companies from around the world,” Courtney said.
October 27, 2015 Press Release
"The Export-Import Bank has provided necessary financing for U.S. exporters—with bipartisan support in Washington—for more than 80 years," Courtney said. "This year, the far-right wing of the House GOP launched an unprecedented partisan attack on the bank, which provides support to hundreds of thousands of jobs and returns millions in revenue to the U.S. Treasury each year. Companies in Connecticut and across the country need reliable access to affordable financing options to backstop their export deals in order to compete in the global economy, and American workers and families rely on the good jobs they provide."